Cours de français

Cours de français

FCI usually offers French courses three times per year in Campbell River: fall, winter and spring session. Three levels are offered: beginner, beginner/intermediate and intermediate/advanced. Here is the basic description for each level. Please note: each level requires at least 4 registered students to go ahead.

Beginner Level, Conversational French

From 7:00 p.m. until 8:30 p.m.
$ 120 for 8 weeks (total of 12 hours)
  • In this course, you will learn the basic structure of the French language as well as some common phrases and greetings.
    Your french-speaking teacher will encourage you to participate i.e. you need to risk making errors if you want to learn French in a fun and relaxed atmosphere.
    Note: you may have to take the beginner level a few times, as well as practice outside of the classroom setting, to graduate to the intermediate level.

Intermediate Level, Conversational French

From 7:00 p.m. until 8:30 p.m.
$ 120 for 8 weeks (total of 12 hours)
  • This course is for people who already know some French and want to build on their knowledge base. You understand French more than you speak it; you want to build your confidence to improve your vocabulary and spoken French.
    Your french-speaking teacher will guide you in a relaxed atmosphere. When you laugh and play, you learn better.

Niveau avancé, on parle en français

De 10 h à 11 h 30
$ 120 pendant 8 semaines (total de 12 heures)
  • Si vous ne comprenez pas la description du cours en français, ce niveau n’est pas pour vous.
    Vous allez accomplir des devoirs à la maison pour faire de courtes présentations orales durant le cours, vous faites un effort pour écouter la radio ou regarder la télévision en français et pour lire en français (journaux, livres, magazines, etc.).
    Votre professeur est là pour vous guider, mais vous avez la charge de votre apprentissage et de votre désir d’améliorer votre français.

To register, you need to bring a cheque or cash to AFCI in Campbell River or do an e-transfer (sorry, no credit or debit card payments).


If after the first class you do not want to continue, you will be reimbursed the course fee minus an administration fee of $30.00.


Before classes start, listen to radio, or watch television in French
In order to familiarize your ear to French, I suggest that you listen to the French CBC radio on the internet (no signal off air). For Ici Radio-Canada Première: and for Ici Musique: On your phone, download the App OhRadio. If you have cable, I recommend that you watch the French CBC News and maybe use the close caption feature on your TV i.e. most programs have close caption and the written words will help you with the spoken words. You can also watch Ici TouTV or TV5 Canada: ou TV5 Monde : et TV5 Monde/Langue française pour apprendre le Français.

You can practise your French for free on YouTube clips; choose the format you prefer:;;;;–V9P4rmM


USEFUL LINKS FOR TRANSLATION from French to English or vice versa. Both sites offer more than translation services = explore them.
Le Grand dictionnaire terminologique :



In COMOX, classes are offered by Édith Jacob; consult her website to learn more and register.