The Mid-Island Francophone Association (AFCI is the acronym in French) is a not-for-profit organization incorporated in 1978. It is managed by volunteers and funded mainly by the federal government, ministry of Heritage Canada.

AFCI’s mission is to share and promote the French language and the francophone culture in two main regions, Campbell River and the Comox Valley. It aims to offer activities and services to Francophones and Francophiles of all ages: parents, kids, youth and adults.

Services and activities

  • Orientation and information
  • Library with books and movies in French for children, youth and adults
  • French as a second language courses
  • Tutoring services in French
  • Internet station / public computer
  • Basic employment services
  • Referral services in education and business
  • Weekly electronic newsletter
  • Training / workshops on various subjects in French
  • Basic translation services
  • Basic interpreting services
  • Social and cultural activities in French
  • Weekly community meal on Friday at noon (for fluent speakers in French)
  • Outdoor walks
  • Collective kitchen
  • Membership fees: Family = $ 15, Individual = $ 10, student = $ 5